Thursday, June 16, 2016

Grade 5 PBL: Game Launch - Opening Ceremony

On Tuesday, June 14 - 8:55am at Halton Hills Christian School
Rocks and Rungs made it’s debut!
With friends, family, experts and our school community present, Grade 5 shared their final product through a celebration of learning.

“This game is a version of snakes and ladders but it has been altered to incorporate our own unique design. Our theme is Building Community. We have learned how to use rocks to build our game but we also know that rocks can be used to break and hurt community. We used flagstone rocks as the “snakes” in our game.
Symbolizing all the good that happens when we do things to build community, we have used actual ladder rungs as the ladders of the game. So, although this is a game of snakes and ladders, we would like to call our game:
ROCKS AND RUNGS!” (An excerpt from our presentation script)

Leading up to the Celebration…

Students, once again, worked in groups to accomplish tasks in order to present our project to an audience. Some wrote scripts, while others practiced presenting. Some developed wording for Thank You cards to experts and volunteers while others designed the cards that would be sent. Invitations to our Game Launch for experts, parents, the students and teachers of Halton Hills Christian School were designed and sent out. Included in the school community invite, was a carefully thought-out seating arrangement in order to best suite the presentation that would take place. Students even developed a schedule for recess play by each class in order to give every student an opportunity to play the game in their last weeks of the year! Two groups continued to work at elements that still needed to be accomplished: researching paint and designing our plaque. Oh, and yes… of course we had to test out our game!

Rehearsals took place in order to ensure that students were comfortable and confident in what they were going to share with their audience.

Presentation Order
Opening Devotions
Sharing of the Game Title
Opening Prayer
Explanation of our PBL:
  • Driving Question
  • Introduction of our Experts and Volunteers
  • Steps we took (process)
Explanation of what is still to be done?
  • Plaques
  • Painting the squares
Ribbon Cutting
How to play the game - demonstration using the Experts!
Closing Prayer

We simply could not have asked for a more beautiful morning! The weather was perfect and we were blessed with an incredible turnout of experts that we could honour and appreciate through our presentation.

They say a picture says a thousand words.
Then let the pictures speak and tell the story of a truly wonderful celebration of launch rocks and rungs.jpggame launch ribbons cutting.jpg

Gifts from one of our very generous donors (CBM) for each Grade 5 student!IMG_2781.JPG

Although we will only paint our tiles next school year (when the students are in grade 6), we hope that what we have learned throughout this project will continue to impact each student for much longer..
From the learning and growth of each student to the legacy that this product leaves within the God be the glory!

“We decided to do this concrete game to leave a legacy. We hope this project can show our school 50 years from now how God was good, and will be all the time.” - Madelyn, Grade 5 student

“For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations.” Psalm 100:5

These proud Project Managers are thankful for the community they get to be part of in which students have the opportunity to dream big and grow while leaving a legacy!IMG_2823.JPG

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Grade 5 PBL: Construction Zone...

June 2:

Following the Celebration of Learning we saw our materials come together. Items were dropped off and the excitement began to build (see what we did there!).
The Groundbreaking Ceremony for construction took place on Wednesday, May 25 as planned! Following a devotional and prayer, students were able to witness as the Mr. Nick, aboard the excavator, pulled away the first scoop of topsoil.
We watched each day as steps began to show a more complete picture of what this project really entailed. First digging the topsoil, then building the forms as gravel was put into the structure and peastone around. Wire mesh was put down for added support.
With only one rain day, concrete was pushed to Monday, May 30. This was the day that most progress was witnessed by our students as they took part in bringing each of their numbers to the structure, watching as “snakes” (flagstone) and “ladders” (ladder rungs) were embedded.
We are incredibly thankful for our volunteers who helped throughout the building project. Mr Nick headed up a strong team of diligent and selfless workers: Mr. Ed Veldman, Mr. Doug Veldman, Mr. Michael Andrews and Mr. Matthew Andrews.
This project would not have been possible without the generosity and support of our donors:
  • R&M Construction (equipment and wood forms)
  • Canada Building Materials Company (concrete)
  • Acton Precast Limited (wire mesh and ladder rungs)
  • Matt & Brooke Andrews and family (flagstone)

Our finished product (minus paint of course!):

Up Next… our Game Launch!

Save the Date: Tuesday, June 14 8:55am at Halton Hills Christian School